Use the drop down menu to access a brief list of recommendations for the sub-genres selected. 

The choice of categories was selected for either/or popularity, possible intimidation (physics as an example) and also my personal interest. Each book recommended has been scrutinized using the non-fiction speed dating technique as described by Statz Cords (2010) in her chapter about nonfiction speed dating, and/or read in full. I’ve chosen to source (and reference) the book’s blurb to assist in showing and explaining the diversity of what the books styles and topics can contain.

A tip to assist when seeking books in the various sub-genres in nonfiction is the very high ratio of the use of the subtitle. Read the subtitle to understand what the focus or in some cases the subject of the book is.

Ways to find recommendations include using reader advisory sites and book review blogs and websites. As well, discussions with people who work with books (ie arts/publishing industries), co-workers and patrons also assist in further broadening understanding of categories you may not be familiar with as well as recommended titles. There is no really one right way, especially with nonfiction.


Statz Cords, S 2010, ‘Nonfiction speed dating’, in Moyer, JE & Mediatore Stover (eds), K, The readers’ advisory handbook, American Library Association, Chicago, pp. 8-16.