Twists, turns and rest

So, about a week after my last post here, I started having some issues with my left hand. I didn’t think anything of it. Well, other than, I must’ve hit the bed head hard one night in my tossing and turning as said hand felt bruised. Fast forward another two weeks, still no obvious signs of injury but add to the list both hips, knees, ankles and all the bones in my feet feeling bruised. Frustration at my physical inability to do anything usual, like bend down to get vegetables from the fridge, sitting crossed leg, or sitting, standing, walking. Forget about stairs. I became like a small child walking up and down stairs, clutching the rail and taking it two feet per step. On a rare occasion I managed to feel able to go out, I mentioned in passing to a friend who saw me, that maybe I’m just starting to age, albeit rather painfully.

I eventually went to my Dr, I didn’t feel sick per se, just very tired and well, incapable of using a fork well, or type much. I had the joy of tests of various kinds (focusing on my left hand) with the words rheumatoid arthritis thrown in. I did not want it to be this. I’ve had enough issues over the past couple of decades I really didn’t want a new life-long thing to contend with. The good news, it is not rheumatoid arthritis. I am so glad of this. Still.

However, I did come back positive for Ross River Fever. Or, rather, I “have had” it. Both the Dr and I were surprised (he only added it on the tests due to the high incidence). The city of Brisbane has this wet season had an epidemic RRF and the best my Dr and I can work out is the “bad cold” I had in very early January must have been the “flu-like” part of this event. I haven’t had any of the other symptoms and why my body decided to wait for the joints to flare over six weeks later, is anyone’s guess.

I’ve spent the entire month of March railing against this and trying to find a way to manage day-day living along with my studies (I have dropped down to one subject) and rekindled desire to get stories out of my head.

I’ve worked so hard to get better to only be given another Universal thwack on the message to rest. A lot. I can’t do much else. My physical body has banned me from trying. Last week, the stairs defeated me. Again. I returned to the Dr and am now on a stronger anti-inflammatory.

Daily, my mobility slowly returns (after midday each day) and my fatigue well, it’s still there. I can’t sit at a desk or computer or table for long (feet swelling). I sleep a lot (though on waking, my hips remind me they are sore). From all who know of this illness, the only thing to do is rest and/or sleep. A lot and for a good long while (not days or weeks but months). The result is I now must plan out my weeks with small activities, breaking down what I would usually do in a day to go over weeks. Frustration is a regular thing but I know this is finite.

There is good in this. I am dreaming of my stories again. Also, it’s not rheumatoid arthritis.

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