Year’s End

Here in my city of Brisbane, Australia, 2014 is only a few hours from becoming 2015. After quite a few years of some very bumpy roller coaster rides, this year has been filled with quiet surprises. If I sit and think, I can see achievements and yet I’d probably tell you face-face that I haven’t been that busy. Most likely because a lot of the work this year has been internal and the leaps and bounds can’t be seen. Though, I know some who say they see the shift/s.

We all shift. Life is not static. But neither is life really linear, unless you wish to literally count the days. Discussions about time and dimensions can be for another day. I like to think of life more like a roller coaster or a spiral but really, roller coasters are a circular event you eventually come back to where you began to go around once again.

Being in this society, at this point in time, one can so easily get caught up with the, “what are you doing”, “where are you going”, “how much longer until you get there”, style of life. But someone I know, understands how to describe parts of the craziness of this manifested life and sums it up beautifully. Perhaps it’s not a destination you need but a direction. I like this. A lot. If you want to learn more, go to this post of Nicole Cody’s. It’s not too long and even without much caffeine can help you to find a path in the mess that is this life.

It also reminds me, it’s okay to not know exactly what/where/why/how long are you doing/going to be. It allows me to learn to truly surrender and learn to embrace the idea of the spiral and flow and trust and all those things that can have non-linear tendencies. It’s taken awhile to get this, and I’m still learning but it’s a thing worth understanding, especially if life tends to be twirly-whirls and spirals for you.

Spirals can go up, down or sideways. I know some of my ancestral heritage is based in this. So perhaps like many others this is why I’m drawn to the triskelion, I see the spirals of life in it. Enjoy finding your own destination or enjoy looking and seeking a direction to begin your expedition.



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