Sing, Write, Colour, Cook – Create!

Somehow we’re in November. Life has been busy. It is for all of us. For me, the arrival of my nephew in August and my university studies have been keeping me busy on fronts that do not involve words here.

Life is surrounded by creativity. We do it sometimes knowingly and at other times unknowingly. Creativity is a theme of this blog and I’m sure will appear many times. For myself there is a wide variety of threads I can call creative. Writing, calligraphy, cross stitch, cooking, colouring in mandalas and when my energy is high, gardening. All are forms of expressing what resides within.

For others, voice is the medium. Especially through song. Song is very powerful, so much has been written and sung about it. The project With One Voice can be found across Australia. In Sydney, it’s known as Sydney Sings – a venture of bringing people from all walks of life to join in the joy of song.

Sing Your Little Heart Out is a documentary about the Sydney Sings group. But it is so much more. It’s a wonderful project that shows how song is used for expression and also for connection – to ourselves, our humanity and community.

To share this around the world, the creator of the documentary requires some help from the community of humanity.

If you’re Australian you can make a tax deductible donation at Documentary Australia
If you don’t care about tax or are not in the Australian income system, here is the Kickstarter link.

Upfront disclaimer – yes the creator is my brother-in-law and the conductor is my sister – but no matter how much I love them both, I would not share this and spread the word if I did not believe in the project (and no, I am not a singer, I am the writer in the family).

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